Selfe Studios values sustainable practices in every aspect of the design process.

It saddens us to say it, but the fashion industry is the second largest contributor to global warming. We’re dedicated to slowing down the fashion cycle and minimising waste in every way we can.


Eco-friendly packaging

Our carefully sourced packaging is designed to have minimal impact on the environment. All orders are carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and sealed with stickers which are printed using organic, soy-based inks. Our stationary is all printed on recycled card stock and each parcel is sent to you in a reusable cardboard box.


Sustainable materials

We ensure each individual garment reflects our value for high quality, sustainable fashion. All garments are made with 100% natural fabric, sourced from established European mills. All trims and fastenings are sourced from Japanese suppliers, and where possible, trims are made from recycled materials. Each sew-in label is made from natural cotton fibres and our swing tags are printed on recycled card stock. 


Mindful purchases

We practice conscious designing, creating luxury garments made with longevity in mind. From the modern yet clean aesthetic, high quality fabrics and beautiful artistry, we ensure each garment is made to last. This ideology is core to our existence and by doing so, we encourage consumers to be mindful of where each garment comes from. Making mindful purchases is one of the most sustainable practices we as consumers can do.

Selfe Studios’ philosophy and sustainable practices are reinforced by fewer volumes released throughout the year – yet another step towards slowing down the fashion cycle.